Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

Today’s business environment is more complex than ever before, owing in large part to legal and regulatory considerations that vary widely with geographic jurisdictions and the concerns of stakeholders, internal and external. Whether the enterprise is local or global, such considerations require the expertise and oversight of a talented professional. Such is the role of a Legal, Regulatory or Compliance Officer.

The Officer may deal with challenging government regulations, as well as with legislators. Cross-border operations in emerging markets; design, packaging and sustainability innovations that advance the company brand while adhering to legal requirements; liability concerns, consumer protection laws: these are the arenas in which a Compliance or Legal Officer operates.

Pender & Howe frequently interfaces with experienced legal and regulatory professionals and understands how critical their appointment can be to an organization. The role calls for true partnership at the highest levels, along with scrupulous research ability and integrity in advising the CEO and board members.

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