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Manufacturing in today’s life sciences and health technologies space presents unique challenges, not to mention the opportunity to make a major impact. For example, the recruitment of talent in a GMP compliant environment has proven critical to support Canada’s efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to start up entirely new biologics manufacturing facilities.

As we look to continue to improve our collective response to epidemics, ensure the supply of vaccines, and advance the science that governs product development on a national scale, definitive leadership in manufacturing will guide the success of critical health initiatives.

Our team is proud to have helped bring together the brightest minds in LHST to build manufacturing teams leading daily operations of biologics and vaccines in accordance with GMP standards and critical times in Canada. At Pender & Howe, we continue to lead the executive search process to drive manufacturing, quality, regulatory affairs, facilities engineering, and supply chain teams forward in these organizations.

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Pender & Howe Executive Search was formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in executive search services. We provide a fully streamlined boutique retained service for companies looking to bolster their executive leadership team.

We have offices across North America: Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, Edmonton, and Vancouver. Our clients range from pre-seed startups and VC-backed disrupters to global public companies.

Our Partners have firmly established a trusted network of connections across a wide range of sectors and industries, which has proven invaluable in finding and attracting the best executive talent. Your team can expect transparency, collaboration and high-level service on every assignment we lead.

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