Organization:           Covenant (Covenant Health, Covenant Care, Covenant Living)
Role:                            Board Director


About Covenant

The Covenant family provides acute care, continuing care, and independent living services at 27 sites in 15 communities across the province. Across the province, the Covenant family continues to serve Albertans to help create vibrant and healthy communities. Covenant is a major partner in the provincial health system, offering a full continuum of care from birth to end of life, while carrying on the legacy of innovation, resourcefulness and compassion.

Covenant Health:

Covenant Health is one of Canada’s largest Catholic healthcare providers and a strong partner in Alberta’s integrated health system leading a broad range of healthcare services in hospitals, healthcare centres, and seniors’ care communities in urban and rural communities.

Covenant Health was formed after a consolidation of 12 organizations in 2008, including the three major facilities in Edmonton that were known as Caritas Health Group: Edmonton General, Grey Nuns and Misericordia. Covenant Health launched as single entity October 7, 2008 and formally established through legislation April 1, 2009.

As part of the Seniors strategy, Covenant Health recognized a growing need for seniors’ services in Alberta and the Government’s need for sustainability and responsive models for serving seniors in their communities. Covenant Care was established as a sister organization in 2013 with a nimble and flexible service model able to provide innovative models of care that met Alberta’s need. Covenant Care provides continuing care at 10 facilities in 7 communities, providing a home for over 900 seniors.

Covenant Care:

Covenant Care is a major provider of supportive living, long-term care and hospice services in Alberta driving innovation to respond to the growing and changing needs of the aging population and creating communities where residents and care teams focus on independence and quality of life so that all can thrive and grow.

Covenant Living:

The third member of the family, Covenant Living, provides housing options for seniors in warm, welcoming communities that support independent and active living. Covenant Living is a private, not-for-profit organization serving seniors with timely, accessible housing options in warm, welcoming communities that support independence and active living.


Mission, Vision, Values

The Mission, Vision, and Values of Covenant help define and ground our identity and culture in the Catholic teachings. Covenant is proud to have a solid values-based foundation to help guide its strategic goals. The Covenant family is made up of 3 sister organizations: Covenant Health, Covenant Care and Covenant Living. They share one common Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan.


We are called to continue the healing ministry of Jesus by serving with compassion, upholding the sacredness of life in all stages, and caring for the whole person –body, mind and soul.


As a Catholic organization, we are committed to serving people of all faiths, cultures and circumstances, according to our values:


We will treat others as we would expect to be treated


We will respect the dignity of every human being, from conception to natural death


We will achieve more by working together than on our own

Social Justice:

We will work in partnership with others to build healthy and just communities


We will put into practice what we profess to be the right and ethical thing to do


We will be good stewards of all our resources, to sustain our mission into the future

Our Vision

Inspired by our mission of service, we will be leaders and partners in transforming health care and creating vibrant communities of health and healing.


The Opportunity

The Covenant Board is looking for inspired, innovative, and trusted community members to join the Governing Board of Directors – an incredible opportunity to participate in leading system transformation and innovation at the highest level. Become a part of the catalyst that advocates for those most vulnerable, answering our intrinsic call to serve, and help challenge the system to grow, transform and innovate.



In order to live up to their accountabilities as a governing Board, the Covenant Board of Directors are responsible for:

Maintaining, adhering to, and updating the Stewardship Accountability Framework for the Covenant Governing Board of Directors which encompasses Mission Fidelity, Excellence in Quality and Resource Stewardship (See Stewardship Accountability Framework).

Establishing, approving and monitoring Covenant Health, Covenant Care, and Covenant Living’s (hereinafter referred to as “Covenant”) mission, vision, values and strategy. The Board provides a strategic plan focus, works with staff to establish priorities and is organized according to strategic priorities. Its core work includes setting priorities, reviewing and modifying strategic plans, and monitoring performance against the plan. The board provides insights from external forces and influences, shifting focus from inside to outside.

Ensuring generative governance is an integral part of regular Covenant Board meetings and retreats. Generative governance will allow the Board to become a crucial generative source of leadership for the organization. Generative governance is characterized as the following:

    1. Reflective governance interested in questions and sense-making;
    2. Correctly identifying problems from multiple points of view informs approach;
    3. Board sees themselves as inventive leaders;
    4. Organizational learning important to function;
    5. Provide values-based direction; and
    6. Ensure that inquiry focuses on creating new meaning

Ensuring its governance effectiveness by respecting the fiduciary duties owed by the Board, and take actions as necessary to continuously improve its governance through establishment, review, and monitoring of governance policies and processes that ensure Board effectiveness.

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About Pender & Howe

Covenant has retained Pender & Howe to lead the recruitment initiative for the Board of Directors positions. Pender & Howe is a boutique retained executive search firm specializing in collaborating with human capital leaders, governing boards and executives in identifying exceptional leaders. More information about Pender & Howe is available at

As an executive search firm, Pender & Howe has a deep responsibility to recognize and champion Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in every recruiting assignment. We embrace a wide range of qualities and perspectives candidates bring and encourage them to apply regardless of their backgrounds.

To this end, we highly value confidentiality – both for our clients and candidates. Pender & Howe ensures that all the information that is shared with us is kept with strict confidence.

The Board of Directors search is led by Glenn Lesko (Partner, Pender & Howe Executive Search). For consideration, please email a copy of your CV in confidence to: [email protected].