EDMONTON, AB, Feb. 3, 2021 /CNW/ – Pender & Howe Executive Search today announced the CEO recruitment search on behalf of CAAIN, the Canadian Agri-Food Automation and Intelligence Network. CAAIN is a not-for-profit company launched in July 2019 with a mission to support the creation of technological solutions for the most challenging problems facing Canada’s agri-food sector.

Canada is currently ranked as the world’s fifth-largest exporter of agricultural commodities and the eleventh largest provider of agri-food globally. With the global population projected to rise to 10 billion in 2050, along with accelerated investment in research and innovation, the entire agri-foods sector has the potential for exponential growth.

Advances in artificial intelligence, advanced sensor technologies, hyperspectral imaging, and blockchain applications will transform the production, packaging, distribution, and marketing of Canada’s agriculture and food products.  The CEO will lead an organisation tasked with supporting the exploration and development of such innovations.

The CEO will develop relationships across the agri-food ecosystem, foster growth of existing partnerships between private and public organizations, build bridges with the high-tech sector and leverage existing partnerships between CAAIN and the more than 50 organisations currently involved in a range of supported Network projects.

As the public face of CAAIN, the CEO will occupy a high-profile leadership role with the potential to influence significant outcomes in agri-food prosperity and technology success for Canada.

The position will be based in Edmonton, Alberta.