Company: Confidential

Role: Chief Executive Officer

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Reporting Relationship: Board of Directors


The Company

Are you passionate about participating in the circular economic development of East Africa? Pender & Howe Executive Search (P&H) has partnered with a confidential investment group on an exciting opportunity to search for a Chief Executive Officer to build, manage and direct all strategic and business aspects of a sustainable manufacturing organization.

Our client is a forward-thinking, socially responsible business that aims to create a positive impact on the world while achieving profitability. It is their principle that businesses can be a driving force for social change and have the potential to transform the world for the better. The organization is committed to addressing several global issues, including environmental sustainability, technological advancement, social equality, education, mental and medical health, and more. Working in this start-up business environment will provide you with a unique opportunity to explore new paths and make impactful contributions that will be highly felt both inside and outside the organization.

The organization recognizes that the pursuit of profits alone can have detrimental effects on society, including exploitation, inequality, and environmental degradation. They are committed to creating a world where prosperity is shared fairly, and individuals are empowered to make a positive impact on the planet. It is their mission to create a sustainable and equitable world where all individuals can live fulfilling lives. They believe that businesses can be a powerful force for social change and are committed to proving that social impact and profitability are not mutually exclusive. The organization is committed to transparency, ethical practices, and creating a culture of social responsibility within the organization and beyond. Their ultimate goal is to create a happier and healthier world, where prosperity is shared fairly, and all individuals can reach their full potential.


The Opportunity

Our client is seeking a visionary and hands-on CEO to lead a team in the implementation of an innovative and impact-driven business project. Based in the heart of Africa, this is a unique opportunity to build a world-class, green manufacturing organization; it is also an opportunity to lead by example and set a precedent for how business and manufacturing should be conducted in the future. In this role, you will report directly to the Board of Directors and will be accountable for the vision, strategy, inspirational leadership, and management of all aspects of the company including financial performance, environmental performance, and safety. The successful candidate will have a strong passion for sustainability, social responsibility, and profitability.

The CEO will be responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of a net zero carbon manufacturing facility with zero waste, zero liquid discharge, and an effective supply chain management strategy that ensures the project’s environmental and sustainability objectives are continuously met. The manufacturing plant and machinery will be state-of-the-art, specifically designed by industry leaders to ensure the most environmentally friendly and pollution-free manufacturing process.

As the Chief Executive Officer of this impact-driven organization, you will be required to lead, guide, and evaluate the work of executive leaders, including vice presidents and directors. In the process of leading these senior leaders, you will be required to ensure that the strategic direction is transmitted through the organization and is embodied at all levels within the organization to ensure its achievement. As a leader, it will be your responsibility to create an exemplary culture – motivation, drive, empathy, and willingness to be an exceptional leader will be extremely important. It will be essential that you spend time outside of your office and boardrooms getting to know all employees, understand how the work is performed, and provide mentoring and coaching for your direct reports.

As the CEO, you will also be required to develop business prospects by studying economic trends and revenue opportunities, project acquisition and expansion prospects, analyze organizational operations, identify opportunities for improvement, cost reduction, systems enhancement, manage international investors and DFIs, and accumulate capital to fund expansion.


Key Responsibilities:

Operations & Company Strategy

  • Oversee the complete operation of the organization ensuring alignment with company culture and mission.
  • Own core business operations of the net zero carbon manufacturing facility, including P&L management, growth and product development, as well as ensuring the organization maintains compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and standards.
  • Enhance the impact of the organization by studying economic trends and revenue opportunities, as well as identifying initiatives related to project acquisition and expansion.
  • Participate in industry-related events or associations that will enhance your leadership skills and support the organization’s reputation and the organization’s potential for success.
  • Build a world-class team environment and culture, that promotes employee engagement and advancement.
  • Ensure that the strategic direction and organizational culture are transmitted through the organization and are embodied at all levels of the organization.
  • Create an environment that promotes great performance, creates confidence, and positive morale by communicating and engaging with employees at all levels.
  • Drive impact initiatives guided by your strong passion for sustainability and social responsibility to enhance organizational success and influence.

Financial Leadership

  • Review the financial results of all operations, comparing them with the company’s objectives and taking appropriate measures to correct unsatisfactory performance and results.
  • Plan, design and execute fundraising and investment opportunities for the company.
  • Lead ongoing business development to extend the company’s network and create new investment opportunities which focus on long-term objectives such as green growth and the establishment of a circular economy.
  • Review financial and non-financial reports to devise solutions or improvements.
  • Establish and maintain the company’s internal controls over financial reporting through appropriate policies and procedures.

Legal Understanding

  • Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies.
  • Ensure the company’s complicity with legal and business ethics.
  • Work alongside local and international government bodies to guide policies that are more conducive and beneficial to green manufacturing.

Strategic Leadership

  • Establish, communicate, and implement the organization’s vision, mission, and overall direction to challenge the status quo and make significant positive contributions to socioeconomic transformation and environmental sustainability.
  • Together with the senior management team, develop and implement strategies for the company’s direction.
  • Implement impact initiatives that enhance organizational success and influence through your passion for sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Translate research and customer insights into an actionable go-to-market strategy.
  • Assist with identifying, forecasting, and implementing tools/technology to automate business operations.
  • Drive new strategic choices around marketing, partnerships, and other opportunities to scale the impact of the company.
  • Analyze problematic occurrences and provide solutions for ensuring the company’s growth and endurance.
  • Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.
  • Identify continuous opportunities to remove unnecessary complexity, drive efficiency, and increase profitability to fund accelerated growth.

 Board Relations

  • Engage the Board around issues, trends, and changes in the operating model and operational delivery.
  • Provide the Board assurance that proper systems are in place to identify and manage risks and that such risks are acceptable to the company and are within the guidelines established by the board.


The Successful Hire

Previous Experience

  • 5+ years of senior leadership experience within a board-level or CEO capacity.
  • In-depth knowledge of corporate governance, finance, and performance principles, preferably in impact-driven organizations.
  • Prior leadership experience at an early-stage company (preferably manufacturing).
  • A proven track record of leading a manufacturing organization generating revenues in excess of US$ 200 million.
  • Financial skills and the ability to take leadership over business and operations.
  • Thorough understanding of management and financial practices in all areas and phases of business operations.
  • Experience implementing modern technology.
  • Demonstrated track record in strategic planning with market impact.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Excellent communication skills, particularly the ability to communicate as a leader.
  • Excited to be part of a growing team, with a focus on driving future growth.
  • Courageous, motivational, cause-driven, global citizen.
  • A natural leader who enjoys mentoring others and doing meaningful work.
  • Ability to inspire confidence and build trust.
  • A strategic thinker, with the ability to link long-range visions and concepts to daily work.

Education and Interest

  • Business-related degree.
  • Strong desire to challenge the status quo and make meaningful change.
  • Passionate leader who aligns with the company’s culture and mission and enthusiastically leads projects that make an impact.
  • Enthusiastic about sustainability within the built environment.

Relocation & Ex-Pat Information

We are looking for the very best candidate for this mission. With that said, the first 6+ months of employment will likely be done remotely with frequent travel until operations in Nairobi. Our client is prepared to supply all necessary Ex-Pat benefits to the incumbent to ensure the relocation experience is as smooth, safe and efficient as possible.


The confidential investment group has retained Pender & Howe to lead the recruitment initiative for this CEO hire. Pender & Howe is a boutique retained executive search firm specializing in collaborating with human capital leaders, governing boards and CxOs in identifying exceptional leaders. More information about Pender & Howe is available at

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To this end, we highly value confidentiality – both for our client and candidates. Pender & Howe ensures that all the information that is share with us is kept with strict confidence.

The CEO search is led by Travis Hann. For consideration, please email a copy of your CV in confidence to: Travis Hann, Partner, [email protected]

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