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Position Title:                  President & CEO
Organization:                   Emmanuel Health Inc.
Location:                           Saskatchewan (ideally Saskatoon)
Supervisor:                      Emmanuel Health Board of Directors

About Emmanuel Health:

Emmanuel Health is a valued partner in the Saskatchewan health system, working closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to respond to needs in the community. Formed in 2018, Emmanuel Health is comprised of 13 Catholic health care facilities in ten urban and rural communities across Saskatchewan. With a budget of 109M, Emmanuel Health is mostly publicly funded and has a legacy of using resources wisely and efficiently. Emmanuel Health sites provide approximately 15% of acute care beds and care for 8% of continuing care residents in the province – caring for and interacting with over 325,000 people annually across the spectrum of care.

Emmanuel Health is governed by a skilled Board of Directors who is accountable to our Catholic Sponsor, Catholic Health of Alberta and Saskatchewan; we have close working relationships with sponsored works in Alberta (Covenant Health, Covenant Care, and Covenant Living). Additionally, Emmanuel Health is part of a network of Catholic health care organizations across the country and around the world; learning and bolstering each other to continue to innovate to meet needs in our communities.

Position Purpose:

The President & CEO provides executive leadership and is responsible for carrying out the long-term strategic vision and operational management of Emmanuel Health (EH), in accordance with the direction and policies established by the Emmanuel Health Board of Directors. The President & CEO is directly accountable to the EH Board of Directors. The position has several direct reports including facility Executive Directors and EH administrative staff.

The successful candidate must be able to authentically support the Catholic Health mission to identify and respond to community need, particularly for people who are vulnerable and marginalized, and be able to clearly understand and dynamically communicate what Catholic health care is all about. They must assure that those values and attitudes are reflected and actualized in the operations, relationships, processes, policies, and programs of EH. They must be a successful high-profile advocate of EH and Catholic health ministry. They must be able to respond with urgency and action and continue to grow and evolve in this role as the environment changes and evolves around them. The incumbent must be able to work independently knowing that they will have support from a visionary Board of Directors. They must be able to craft highly collaborative and mutually successful relationships with multiple key stakeholders and partners including but not limited to: CHA&S, Saskatchewan Diocesan Bishops, the Saskatchewan Health Authority, national and provincial associations, affiliate health care organizations, government leaders and other key stakeholders. They must be able to build key alliances to leverage resources and successfully achieve key objectives of EH.

Key Responsibilities:

The President & Chief Executive Officer of Emmanuel Health and its 13 subsidiary corporations and will have the authority and be responsible for the overall management of Emmanuel Health and its subsidiary corporations, its services and programs, including ensuring their effective and efficient operation.

  • The CEO manages and operates the organization in conformity with the Health Ethics Guide as approved by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. The CEO ensures the Facility mission and values are integrated into the daily activities of the Facility.
  • The CEO will have a clear mandate to lead and manage change aimed at delivering excellence of health care services.
  • Develop an Organizational Structure to administer the operations.
  • Responsible for the management, control and operation of all functions and programs of Emmanuel Health, within the policies of the Board of Directors.
  • Lead the integration, coordination and development of all services and resources.
  • Report to the Board of Directors on the operations and programs at regular Board Meetings.
  • Provide the Board of Directors with pertinent information and legislation necessary to keep the Board informed on developments in the health field.
  • Serve as Secretary to the Board to keep a record of all meetings held by the Board; gives notice of all meetings of the Board and performs such other duties incidental to this office as secretary or as may be required from time to time by the Board.
  • Ensure the implementation and enforcement of Board policies and bylaws, medical staff bylaws, and any provincial legislation and regulations thereof.
  • Ensure the Board of Directors and its committees are informed of developments within Emmanuel Health through the submission of financial reports, monitoring reports and other required special reports and any other pertinent information.
  • Offer advice and counsel to the Board, supporting its work, and ensures execution of its decisions and directions.
  • Work with the Board to develop the Strategic Directions.
  • Develop an annual business and financial plan and will then work to implement that plan once approved.
  • Lead the organization in directions consistent with the Board’s Strategic Directions.
  • Ensure the goals and objectives of Emmanuel Health as approved by the Board of Directors, are realized through effective utilization of staff and resources within the financial parameters available to the organization.
  • By utilizing strong leadership, ensure the smooth and efficient integration of all services within Emmanuel Health in accordance with the vision, mission and philosophy and policies of the Board of Directors.
  • Develop annual operation and capital budgets which the CEO submits to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Authorize all expenditures within approved limits and directs the annual budget process.
  • Safeguard the physical properties and resources of Emmanuel Health.
  • Ensure the management, planning and construction of additions/renovations to the current facility, as well as any new construction projects.
  • Develop, recommend, and implement organizational policies and programs.
  • Ensure that the public image of Emmanuel Health is credible and is kept to an optimum level by maintaining good public relations, including promoting positive relations with the media.
  • Act as the privacy officer, ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation.
  • Work with members of the medical and health professions, and all others concerned with rendering professional services with the objective of building positive relationships and strengthening communications with stakeholders, enabling Emmanuel Health to provide the best possible care and services.
  • Within Emmanuel Health, the CEO has contact with all employees, management staff and the Board of Directors as required to successfully carry out the responsibilities of the position.
  • Promote a positive working environment for staff, physicians and volunteers based on Emmanuel Health Facility values.
  • Act as liaison with government agencies/departments; administration of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Emmanuel Care (the Saskatchewan Catholic Health Corporation), the media, the public and other interested groups.
  • Work in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Health Authority, through the Funding and Affiliation Agreements, by establishing and maintaining good relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and transparency.
  • Serve as the principal spokesperson for Emmanuel Health specific issues and provide leadership to the development of integrated communications and marketing strategies and plans, complementary to the strategic directions, operating issues.
  • Monitor and evaluate program performance in all areas, ensuring that Emmanuel Health is in compliance with legislation and in accordance with approved plans and budgets.
  • Develop and maintain an effective organizational structure and delegate to subordinates the responsibility for the operations of their functional areas.
  • Accountable for all Human Resource issues, including recruiting, selecting, developing, motivating, evaluating, disciplining, and if necessary, discharging personnel.
  • Provide administrative guidance to subordinates informally on a daily basis. Regular formal meetings are held to provide for reporting, problem solving, short- and long-range planning, etc.


  • A post-graduate degree in Health Administration or equivalent is required.
  • Certified Health Executive (CHE) and successful completion of a recognized Catholic Health Leadership Program/Course an asset.
  • Five (5)+ years leadership and managerial experience in health program administration with a broad understanding of, and experience in, the various functional areas, as well as the healing ministry of the Catholic Church.
  • Visionary leader with strong mentorship skills.
  • Must have leadership experience working within a Healthcare environment.
  • Government Relations experience is considered an asset.

About Pender & Howe:

Emmanuel Health has retained Pender & Howe to lead the recruitment initiative for the President & CEO position. Pender & Howe is a boutique retained executive search firm specializing in collaborating with human capital leaders, governing boards and CxOs in identifying exceptional leaders.

The President & CEO search is led by Glenn Lesko. For consideration, please email a copy of your CV in confidence to:

Glenn Lesko (Principal) –  [email protected]

We thank all applicants in advance. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.