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In a world where many storefronts faced forced closures throughout pandemic lockdown, e-commerce encountered a surge of activity. Suddenly, e-commerce was essential, both for recreational purposes and daily necessity. As tech solutions and consumer needs unfolded at the same time, shoppers saw brick-and-mortar transactions fade away from daily life.

In this new space, in-person retail has met a litany of replacements: websites, kiosks, direct mail and catalogs, call centers, social media sales points, mobile apps, gaming consoles, television advertising and smart TV shopping, networked appliances, and home services. Today’s shoppers have more within immediate reach than we could ever have imagined.

At Pender & Howe, our executive search work in e-commerce helps tems rise above the noise: we connect them with the leadership who will provide the critical direction and focus to connect with “what’s next.” From chatbots improving routine customer experiences to digital merchandisers enhancing virtual shopping, new specialties and tools evolve daily. Leadership in e-commerce must be constantly educated, attentive, and ready to seize and hold the key competitive advantage. We’re proud to work with the best in the industry.

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