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Operations & Supply Chain

Operations & Supply Chain

Elevating Operations Leadership

Strong operations leadership is fundamental for manufacturing companies today, and Pender & Howe recruiters have the network and expertise to connect you with the right talent. Today’s manufacturing leaders face stiff demands in many areas. To rise to company and stakeholder expectations, they must balance topline growth with managing costs and resources, maintaining high product quality, and meeting the culture and work environment needs of employees. This mandate becomes even more challenging when the organization operates across borders, requiring an operations leader who can navigate the evolving global supply chain while achieving these business objectives. 

Understanding Operations Leadership Challenges

As operations recruiters, we understand the complex processes and responsibilities that come along with executive operations roles across industries. To achieve success, operations leaders need to have experience optimizing production processes to improve their effectiveness and efficiency, as well as expertise in areas like quality control, cost management, supply chain management, and regulatory compliance. These executives are also critical in building the operations talent team, and must have a commitment to building a culture of excellence and employee satisfaction to hire and retain the right professionals at every level. As product launches become more frequent and delivery times become shorter, the need for effective supply chain leadership is higher than ever for employers across the United States and Canada.

Pender & Howe is an executive search firm with wide experience in the recruitment of highly-skilled executive operations candidates. We partner with clients to recruit senior leaders including Chief Operations Officer, Plant Manager, Facilities Director, and a variety of VPs and leaders in manufacturing, inventory management, logistics, distribution, transportation, customer service, quality assurance, and engineering. We have built an international candidate network that enables us to locate and place individuals with the ideal mix of skills, industry experience, and culture fit for any operations leadership role. 

Our Tailored Recruitment Process

Our tailored recruitment process is at the heart of our placement success. We bring a personal touch to all of our searches, going beyond the job description to identify your unique qualifications, needs, and goals for the position. Armed with this information, we begin our talent acquisition approach by reaching out to the exceptional candidates we’ve already built relationships with, saving time in the search process while delivering top-tier results. When you work with our recruiting firm, you don’t just get access to the best leadership talent on the market, but also a trusted partner who can deliver meaningful insights to improve your overall hiring strategy. If you need people for your operations leadership team, call one of our offices today to learn how our executive search services can benefit your organization.

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