Toronto Executive Search Recruiters
Toronto Executive Search Recruiters

Toronto Executive Search Recruiters

Trusted Toronto recruiters with proven executive search expertise.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in leadership recruitment, consulting and headhunting, we collaborate with human resources teams and decision makers in organizations to identify and attract world class executives.

Toronto's Executive Talent Shortage Intensifies

It’s a challenging time to recruit and headhunt executive talent in Toronto. The city’s population has been steadily growing, but the workforce hasn’t kept up with that pace. Many Toronto employers are now struggling to find the right people for their roles, competing with other companies trying to accomplish the same goal in a tight labour market. Add in the widespread skill gaps across Canada, and it’s no wonder that 75% of the nation’s employers expect to face hiring challenges in the coming year.

Pender & Howe: Your Solution to Toronto's Executive Hiring Challenges

Pender & Howe has the experience and resources to solve these challenges. Our decades of experience with the Toronto hiring landscape make us the ideal partner to help the city’s businesses find and hire exceptional leaders. We connect clients with top leadership candidates using a relationship-driven search process to identify people who don’t just have the industry knowledge and skills for the job but are also an ideal fit for your culture.

Elevating Executive Search with Integrity and Expertise

Our commitment to transparency, equity, integrity, and collaboration means your team can expect high-level service and superb results from every search we lead. Partnering with Pender & Howe also gives our clients access to our broad talent network and in-depth market insights, making finding the right people for critical executive roles easier. If you’re facing an executive search challenge, contact Pender & Howe today to learn how we can help you solve it.

Pender & Howe provides executive search services for a range of industries in Toronto

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