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Evolving Landscape: Challenges & Opportunities

The Consumer Goods & Services industry in North America is rapidly evolving, and recruiting the right leadership candidates for your organization is critical to ensure your organization can navigate these disruptions. Shifting consumer preferences, changing demographics, and digital transformation are impacting business operations and redefining the relationship between brands and consumers. As a leading executive search firm, Pender & Howe offers boutique and streamlined recruitment services to connect clients with executives who will accelerate growth and transformation across all aspects of the consumer products industry.

Our experience in both the manufacturing and service-based consumer goods sectors makes Pender & Howe a valuable executive search services partner for organizations seeking the right professionals for leadership roles. Our industry expertise, combined with global insights through our Kestria partnership, enables our clients to capitalize on industry trends and build a leadership team that will serve their business needs. 

Despite positive trends, the consumer goods industry is not without its challenges. Customers’ expectations for manufacturers and the retail industry have shifted. Sustainability is now at the forefront, with high consumer demand for environmentally responsible products and practices. Companies in the United States and around the world are investing in eco-friendly packaging, waste reduction, and reducing their carbon footprint. On the other side, the top talent today demands more flexible work options and companies must navigate an increasingly crowded market, adding to the pressures on business leaders. Rising costs and supply chain disruptions, meanwhile, require companies to find new strategies and solutions to reduce costs and utilize resources more efficiently.

The widening array of technology available to organizations in consumer goods industries further complicates their talent acquisition strategy. With online sales growing rapidly, it is critical for companies to invest in e-commerce capabilities, which often means filling positions with professionals who have those skills. The expansion of third-party delivery services to ensure speedy distribution of goods has driven a rise in direct-to-consumer brands in CPG markets, opening up new opportunities at the same time it ratchets up the competition for retailers hoping to attract customer attention.

Partnering for Success

These changes have poised the consumer goods industry for substantial growth, but businesses must be proactive in addressing the new range of challenges they face in this dynamic market. Hiring the right talent is critical for your company’s success, and the tailored search process of Pender & Howe executive recruiters can ensure you bring on the right people to thrive. Our track record of excellence in executive searches demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ success. If you need a leader who can drive future growth, contact our team today to learn how we can help as your new recruitment partners. 

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