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The Significance of the Industrial Sector

Recruiting the right candidates has been a challenge in recent years across the industrial sector, and that is just as true for organizations hiring onto their leadership teams. Pender & Howe has developed a proven recruitment process for helping specialized industrial organizations embrace the possibilities in their future, identifying and securing the unique talent they require.

The industrial sector stands as a leading contributor to the GDP in both Canada and the United States. Many companies boast a proud heritage and longstanding tradition of work encompassing a range of economic activities. Manufacturing, agriculture, energy and natural resources, metals and mining, construction, and supply chain and logistics all fall under this umbrella. Other industries rely heavily on the industrial market, as well, from aerospace and defense to healthcare and retail. The variety of industries that intersect with the industrial world make it even more important for these organizations to develop and hire leaders with the right expertise. 

Evolving Opportunities and Challenges

Today, industrial organizations find themselves facing both new opportunities for innovation and emerging marketplace pressures. Positions at all levels are becoming increasingly technical as the sector undergoes a technology transformation. The widening adoption of automation, AI, robotics, and other emerging technologies means the staffing needs of industrial businesses are changing. Today’s industrial leadership talent faces new challenges in managing their human capital to balance productivity in their operations with the expectations and needs of their team.

Succession planning is increasingly difficult for industrial employers, as well. The workforce across the industrial sector is aging, with fewer young professionals opting for a career in this sector than in the past. This leaves executives with fewer options within their teams, requiring them to look outside the company to find professionals with the skills and experience to excel in leadership or executive roles. The negative perception of the industrial sector is part of this problem, with many people seeing industrial jobs as obsolete and lacking in diversity. To change this image, businesses need leaders who can create a culture of diversity and inclusion and entice younger employees with the right qualifications to join their team. 

Pender & Howe's Executive Search Services

Pender & Howe’s executive search services connect our clients with the talented leadership ready to face these challenges. With decades of experience as industrial recruiters, we understand the industry’s talent markets and what top candidates look for in an organization and position. We serve, not just as a search firm, but as trusted consultants who deliver the results and insights to drive our partner businesses to success. 

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