Renewable Energy Executive Search
Renewable Energy Executive Search

Renewable Energy Executive Search

Empowering Renewable Energy Leadership with Pender & Howe

Energy industry recruitment comes with a unique set of challenges, and nowhere more so than in the exciting and rapidly evolving world of renewables. Companies in energy markets like wind turbines and solar power are helping the energy and natural resources industry look to the future and meet the growing demand for sustainability across North America. While this sector offers abundant career opportunities, though, finding job seekers with the right skills and expertise can be a long and difficult process.

Innovation drives this industry, but at the same time it can make renewable energy recruitment a long and difficult process. The technology used in hydrogen energy, carbon capture, energy storage, lithium extraction, cleantech, and other sustainable energy is relatively new and developing quickly. There simply aren’t as many professionals with experience in these sectors as there are open positions. Adding to the employment challenge, candidates with knowledge in areas like engineering, project management, and new plant construction are in high demand in other industries. 

To win this talent war, renewable employers need to take a strategic approach to their recruitment process. Power generation teams demand an executive search firm focused on innovation and execution. With the industry poised for further growth, businesses need leaders who don’t just meet their qualifications and business needs today, but can position the company for long-term success and results. 

Collaborating with Pender & Howe

The recruiters at Pender & Howe can help your organization connect with the best talent in the market. We serve as a recruitment partner for companies at all levels, from clean energy start-ups seeking visionary executives to established companies seeking leadership to make the pivot from fossil fuels. Our mission is to deliver our clients the industry experts and forward-looking leaders who can ensure their business stays ahead of future trends and can seize emerging opportunities. We maintain this focus across our range of recruiting and consulting services to deliver an exceptional result for every one of our searches. 

The benefits of working with an experienced recruitment agency like Pender & Hower are hard to overstate. Our in-depth understanding of the renewable energy sector drives our placement success. We combine this knowledge with a broad candidate network and a search and hiring process tailored to each client’s unique culture and role. This allows us to identify not just highly-skilled energy executives, but the individuals who are an ideal fit for your team. If you want to see what value our staffing firm can bring to your business, call Pender & Howe today. 

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