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Leadership Needs in the Life Sciences Industry

The life sciences industry is complex, and this makes it difficult to recruit high-quality candidates. The development of new technology and medicine happens at a lightning pace, and business leaders need employees who can keep up with those trends. At the same time, there is an increased demand on these talent markets, especially for candidates who understand how the latest medical devices and software can be best used for diagnostics, research, treatment, and therapies in a real-world medical practice.

Pharma and life science companies who develop these cutting-edge products need experienced professionals on their leadership teams. From engineers and data analysis to management and c-suite candidates, organizations across healthcare and the life sciences need candidates who can lead a digital transformation and drive future growth to meet their goals. The fast-paced challenge of today’s life sciences, biopharma, biotechnology and healthcare space requires visionary leadership. Businesses demand passionate advocates for innovation who can balance the range of commercial, operational and scientific complexities of their work and deliver value to shareholders and patients.

Executive Search Approach

From pharmaceutical manufacturers to cutting-edge biotech and medtech innovators, Pender & Howe is one of the top consulting and executive search firms in the field. We proudly connect industry leaders and executives with top-performing talent. Our recruiters leverage deep industry expertise and extensive experience in life sciences recruitment to help our clients build impactful teams, resulting in well-balanced organizations with strong, multi-product anchors.

Pender & Howe’s executive search services identify candidates with the skills, presence, and knowledge to thrive in life sciences leadership positions. We understand the complexity and nuance across the spectrum of sectors in the life sciences industry and use those insights to deliver results. Our recruiting approach starts with building relationships with both candidates and companies. We understand what job seekers want from their career as well as the company’s candidate expectations and needs, whether that’s a niche skill set for a single role or an organization-wide push on equity and inclusion initiatives. 

From individual contributors all the way up to CEO, CFO, board of director searches, and other executive roles, Pender & Howe knows how to find the talent your team needs. We serve as a trusted partner for every company we work with, and the personal touch we bring to all of our searches is at the heart of our success hiring the best people from across the United States and Canada. If you have a recruitment need, let our executive search firm be your talent partners.

Looking for a Specific Expertise?

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Pender & Howe is shaping the future of healthcare by supporting the pioneers of precision medicine, oncology, and genome editing. Our team offers specialized expertise to advance venture capital and equity-backed biotech firms, driving innovation and growth in the ever-evolving pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

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Digital Health & AI

At Pender & Howe, we excel in pairing a diverse range of AI-focused companies within the life sciences sector, including areas like clinical decision-making, digital drug design, medical imaging, and personalized medicine, with exceptional talent. Our commitment lies in strengthening these vital teams and driving forward personalized healthcare innovations.

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Medical Device & Diagnostics

Pender & Howe offers strategic advisory services to technology adopters and market expanders, from Canadian companies to global enterprises, in the medical device and diagnostics industry. As your ally in finding leadership that can handle the complexities and drive significant impact, we collaborate to identify leaders who will elevate your organization's patient care and innovation to new heights.

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Enabling Services: CRM-CDMO-CMO 

Learn how Pender & Howe catalyzes innovation in biomanufacturing and life sciences research by connecting top talent with leading firms in CROs, CMOs, and CDMOs. Our industry-focused leadership approach enhances candidate selection, fostering interconnected capabilities and lean, cost-effective operations, while promoting solid partnerships between sponsors and services.

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Institutional Healthcare

Explore how Pender & Howe is redefining leadership within the institutional healthcare industry by identifying and placing visionary executives in pivotal roles. Our approach combines industry knowledge with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that your leadership team excels in managing complex healthcare dynamics and reflects the communities they serve.

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