Enabling Services: CRM-CDMO-CMO Executive Search
Enabling Services: CRM-CDMO-CMO Executive Search

Enabling Services: CRM-CDMO-CMO Executive Search

CROs: Catalysts for Accelerating Advancements 

In the fast-paced world of life sciences, external services play a vital role in advancing both preclinical and clinical research. These services provide companies with access to specialized expertise, advanced technologies, and flexible capacity, which accelerates R&D efforts. By utilizing external providers, firms can stay agile, focusing their in-house resources on core activities while tapping into a global pool of expertise. This strategy not only boosts efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also fosters innovation, speeding up the launch of new treatments.

At Pender & Howe Executive Search, our insight into the biotech sector's network of experts and facilitators allows us to effectively support complex drug discovery projects. Our collaborative approach optimizes the selection of candidates at all stages of drug development - from target validation to approval - by qualifying the technical skills required at each stage, as well as the agility and velocity demanded by the service sector.

CMO, CDMO: Challenges and Opportunities in Biomanufacturing

Biomanufacturing is at the forefront of tackling the challenges and seizing the opportunities within the life sciences and health technologies (LHST) sector today. A prime example is the pivotal role of talent acquisition within GMP-compliant settings, which has been essential in bolstering Canada's response to the COVID-19 pandemic by establishing new biologics manufacturing sites.

Moving forward, the goal is to enhance our collective ability to manage epidemics, secure vaccine supplies, and push the envelope in product development science at the national level. Leadership in biomanufacturing will be key to the success of vital health initiatives.

Our team at Pender & Howe takes Executive Search pride in our track record of assembling top talent in LHST to lead biomanufacturing operations, especially in the production of biologics and vaccines adhering to GMP standards during crucial periods in Canada. Our continued leadership in executive search plays a critical role in advancing the capabilities of manufacturing, quality, regulatory affairs, facilities engineering, and supply chain teams within these pivotal organizations.

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