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The Rising Demand for Technology Leaders

Recruiting experienced technology leaders has never been more critical, or more challenging, than it is today. The excitement and innovation of today’s technology sector is unrivaled. From promising startups to fortune 500-level industry innovators, there is a huge variety of technology companies in today’s market, many of whom are vying for the attention of the same candidates from a limited pool of technology executives.

Adding to this challenge, companies across industries have been racing to adopt new technologies to enhance their productivity, increase revenue, and allow them to better meet the changing needs of consumers. This puts even more strain on talent resources, not just in North America but around the world.

The competition to scale and hire creative, skilled leadership is fierce post-pandemic. In an industry fueled by rapid growth, deft pivots, and savvy strategy, these leaders truly drive the business of the future. Hiring professionals with both leadership and technology expertise requires a strategic recruitment approach.

Strategic Recruitment with Pender & Howe

This is where an experienced executive search firm like Pender & Howe can give companies an advantage. Our team of headhunting consultants work with organizations of any size to identify talent that matches their culture and qualifications. Our boutique recruitment services and relationships with top-tier talent give our clients access to a broad network of executive and management candidates eager to take on roles with their company.

Modern teams want to adopt best practices in digital transformation today, and offer flexible yet efficient ways for their employees to work. At Pender & Howe, we lead the executive search process to identify leaders ready to initiate these changes and implement lasting, successful solutions. Our track record of placement success spans positions at all leadership levels, up through c-suite executive positions such as CTO, CIO, COO, CRO, CISO, or CEO.

Looking for a Specific Expertise?

Autonomous Driving & Electric Vehicles

Our network in autonomous driving and electric vehicles reaches far and wide.

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Artificial Intelligence

Pender & Howe is at the AI forefront, sourcing groundbreaking talent for innovators, and shaping teams for tomorrow's challenges.

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We excel in SaaS search, connecting businesses with leadership in the U.S. and Canada for growth and innovation.

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Startup recruiting can be a challenge, but with Pender & Howe in your corner, you can hire the right leader who will grow your business to the next level.

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