Startup Recruiters & Executive Search
Startup Recruiters & Executive Search

Startup Recruiters & Executive Search

The Importance of Recruiting the Right Leaders for Startups

Recruiting the right people into leadership positions is always critical for business success, and particularly so for a start-up company preparing for growth. At Pender & Howe, we’re proud to be allies to companies just emerging from conception. These founders are visionaries, and among our most fascinating and exciting clients. Both of our firm’s managing partners advise an early-stage venture capital fund, sharing leadership in talent strategy, best hiring practices, and general cultural advisory. This experience gives us unique insights into the talent needs of startup leaders and the best strategies to identify top candidates for these roles. 

Unique Challenges in Start-Up Executive Recruitment

The executive search and recruitment space for startups provides a different set of challenges than more established or recognized global companies. These businesses need executives who can prepare for scale-ups while meeting their current business needs. They are also often responsible for, not just the execution of business policies, but their development and improvement. This makes it critical that leadership talent understands the mission and vision of the organization, as well as having deep industry expertise. We embed ourselves deeply within our clients’ organizations to ensure that their initial external leadership hires match the responsibilities and technical needs of the role along with the vital DNA of their startup culture.

Startups seek different skill sets than our global conglomerate clients. They search for bold sales leaders with the confidence and agility to take a product to market, often at a fast pace and under tight cost constraints. They demand inspired marketers who can develop and execute a brand new story, and financial leaders who can prepare companies for going public. At the same time, they require revenue experts who can prepare for an acquisition, if or when the opportunity might arise.

Supporting Start-Up Growth

There is no better feeling of satisfaction than watching a startup client grow through the phases of Seed to IPO. At Pender & Howe, we’ve built a strong book of startup professionals with expertise in a variety of industries. With offices in major cities across the United States and Canada and a global candidate network at our disposal, our recruiters have access to the top startup executive hires in a range of locations. Our in-depth knowledge of the startup space makes us more than a staffing firm, serving as advisors to give our partner businesses guidance to meet their long-term hiring goals. Startup recruiting can be a challenge, but with Pender & Howe in your corner, you can hire the right leader who will grow your business to the next level. 

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