Manufacturing Executive Search
Manufacturing Executive Search

Manufacturing Executive Search

Elevating Manufacturing Leadership Recruitment with Pender & Howe

North American manufacturing boasts a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, but that doesn’t mean recruiting the right candidates is easy. While the manufacturing industry in the United States and Canada grew out of the opportunity presented by abundant natural resources, modern manufacturers often find themselves needing to do more with less. 

Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry

Companies in the manufacturing sector today face a number of unique challenges in growing their market share. There is increasing pressure to increase domestic production and combat global supply chain issues. To achieve this growth, manufacturing companies often need to lower costs to compete on the world stage, while at the same time adjusting their processes to be mindful of sustainability, waste management, and climate change. 

Manufacturing talent acquisition presents another hurdle. The shrinking pool of professionals with the skills and experience these positions demand makes it hard to meet aspirations to increase domestic employment opportunities. Achieving those goals requires a shift, not just in their recruitment approach, but across their organization and operations. New technology innovations like automation, robotics, and advanced instrumentation can help organizations build a more sustainable and productive future, but those solutions often come with their own talent needs, in roles that are increasingly difficult to fill. 

The complexities of this hiring landscape make a manufacturing executive search firm a valuable partner to help today’s manufacturing leaders meet their staffing needs. Organizations require manufacturing recruiters that target visionaries: those who can embrace the shifting field and lead their team into the future. Our consultants connect our clients with this exceptional talent, solving pressing challenges and setting whole organizations up for success.

Proven Success in Executive Searches

Pender & Howe’s process to identify the right leadership candidate starts with getting to know our client’s company. Our recruiter services are tailored to your business, focusing on the key qualifications that make a job seeker the best fit for your role. Our headhunters have an in-depth understanding of the industry and what it takes to make an effective placement. The range of professionals in our network gives us access to talent others can’t reach, giving our partners more paths to achieve their ideal recruitment results.  

The combination of expertise, reach, and hands-on service is what makes Pender & Howe one of the best manufacturing executive recruiters in North America, and our track record of successful executive searches is the proof. Reach out to Pender & Howe today to discover how we can collaborate to elevate your teams to new levels of success.

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