E-Commerce Recruiters and Executive Search
E-Commerce Recruiters and Executive Search

E-Commerce Recruiters and Executive Search

Navigating E-commerce Talent Acquisition 

Employers in the fast-growing e-commerce industry face unique recruitment challenges. Pandemic lockdowns prompted a boom in online shopping, and that growth trend hasn’t reversed as brick-and-mortar storefronts reopened. In-person retail has met a variety of replacements. Between websites, kiosks, direct mail, call centers, social media sales points, and smart TV shopping, today’s customers have more choice of where to buy products than we could ever have imagined.

Meeting the Demand for E-commerce Talent

The other side of this equation, though, is that candidates with e-commerce skills and experience have their choice of where to work, as well. There are often more positions available in this area than there are job seekers. The rising competition for talent across North America necessitates a strategic approach from businesses with manager jobs, executive roles, and other critical opportunities to fill. Many employers have taken to raising salaries and expanding benefits packages to meet their recruiting goals, and are still struggling to find the right candidate for their team.

Pender & Howe is an e-commerce recruiter that connects business leaders with the people they need to thrive. Our executive search services help e-commerce companies rise above the noise and hire leadership candidates who will provide the critical direction to achieve success in this dynamic sector. 

From chatbots improving the consumer experience to digital merchandisers enhancing virtual shopping, new specialties and technology evolve daily. Executives in e-commerce must be constantly learning, following market trends, and ready to seize and hold the key competitive advantage. Our expertise as e-commerce recruiters makes us the ideal partner to identify and hire professionals with the ability to drive revenue growth and business development. 

Pender & Howe: Your E-commerce Recruitment Partner

As a leading executive search firm in the field of e-commerce, we are proud to work with the best. We are low-volume by design, maintaining a diverse but limited client portfolio so that we can provide personalized, white-glove service for all of the searches we undertake. Our recruitment services go beyond the job description and resume, identifying candidates who are an ideal fit for our clients’ culture and business needs on every level. Our experience and reputation as an e-commerce recruitment firm also gives us an extensive network of professionals across the United States and Canada who are eager to bring their talents to the right company and role. Whether you need a Marketing Director, Vice President of Sales, or are bringing on a new CEO, Pender & Howe headhunters have the resources, reach, and knowledge to connect you with the best. 

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