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The modern tools in health information technology and artificial intelligence help today’s medical professionals better understand diseases. By leveraging AI for drug discovery, researchers can access a wealth of both existing and newly collectable data to help create a base of knowledge that allows for increasing personalization in care.

Information collected via IT/AI tools makes it possible to create 3D models, and “design” or test certain molecules in a virtual space. These technologies also open the possibility to allow for the analysis of a patient’s profile, helping to determine which patients will best respond to new drugs.

At Pender & Howe, our executive search consultants have worked with a wide variety of companies in the AI space across a number of sectors in the life sciences: clinical decision, digital drug design, medical imaging, personalized medicine, and more. We’re proud to connect these essential teams with top talent.

Pender & Howe provides health information technology and artificial intelligence recruiting and executive search services across Canada and the US

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