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SaaS boasts one of North America’s most competitive talent markets, and with good reason. Provided the proper human capital, SaaS companies can seize opportunity without compromise to scale quickly and strategically. Exceptional talent is often the most critical key to fueling a company’s success.

In just the last five years, recruiting for SaaS has evolved dramatically. A decided rise in e-commerce, the abrupt transition to remote work, and the ongoing revolution in Telehealth have all commanded end-to-end solutions while simultaneously emphasizing speed to market at both lower cost and higher profitability.

At Pender & Howe, we’re proud to be experts in executive search for SaaS. We’ve built teams to take on the challenge of penetrating new geographical markets. We’ve found the right CRO to build a specialized SaaS business and take the company to the next level. We focus singularly on finding the precise talent you need to grow your team.

Pender & Howe provides executive search services across Canada and the United States

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