Michelle Moore


Michelle Moore loves people. Above all, she fundamentally believes that diverse teams deliver better results. She purposefully enables clients to tap into that potential daily.

Driven by her values. Unwavering in her integrity. Michelle draws on years of experience in talent-focused leadership roles within the Big Four and mid-market firms to recruit for organizations across the professional services and venture capital space. Michelle, an MBA candidate, has built a vibrant network of relationships across the Americas. That empowers her to quickly identify top candidates from traditionally under-represented and hard-to-reach talent pools. Michelle's commitment to diversity and inclusion is deeply rooted in her Indigenous heritage; she proudly identifies as Montagnais, a member of the tribe from Saguenay Lac-St-Jean.

This is how Michelle helps clients unlock the next-level results that only meaningfully inclusive teams can achieve. Bottom line? Michelle innately understands that today’s workforce is changing. Nimble, connected, and enthusiastic: she dives deep into bespoke executive search mandates and guides organizations in embracing change to build better organizations. This is how she makes an impact, here and now.

Outside of work, find Michelle enjoying sunset picnics with her family on the beach, tossing a ball with Brady, The Best Golden Retriever Of All Time, sipping morning coffee amidst her hydrangeas, or planning magical days at her vacation destination of choice: Prince Edward Island.

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