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Education Executive Search

Education Executive Search

Understanding Transformations in Academic and Research Sectors

The academic and research sectors are undergoing significant transformations on a global scale, and this presents recruiting challenges as well as growth opportunities. As executive search consultants, Pender & Howe possesses a deep understanding of the dynamics within higher education, university medicine, and academic research. We have a proven track record of recruitment success, utilizing a tailored and thorough recruitment process to identify experienced and emerging talent ready to make an impact and further your institution’s mission. 

Our broad candidate network allows us to achieve consistent success with our search process. Our reach extends across the nation and beyond thanks to our connections with global academic leaders. Through our international alliance, Kestria, we possess the localized capacity to foster candidate relationships and their expertise in over 40 countries, enhancing the efficiency, rigor, and thoroughness of our searches. 

Pender & Howe also takes pride in our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds enrich organizations and are integral to their success, and our search service helps bring this valuable diversity to our clients. If your organization needs exceptional executives, administrators, or other professionals to join its team, contact our companies to learn the ways we can serve as your talent acquisition and development partner. 

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