The Chief Financial Officer is a significant component of the leadership team, bringing advanced analytical skills and financial acumen to the tasks of balancing corporate strategy with operational execution.

The successful CFO will be actively involved in complex financial matters, as well as company growth and the assessment of risk. The effective CFO will also seek out opportunities for cost reduction, both financial and operational, and will collaborate with the entire executive team to achieve lower financial and operational costs.

The unexpected or unplanned departure of a CFO often brings disruption, as well as market reaction and concern for the implications of the financial stability of the enterprise. Succession planning for the CFO is considered by many as equally be as important and impactful as planning for the next CEO.

Pender & Howe seeks out the best in financial leaders and brings decades of experience to the assessment of skills and cultural add of candidates to CFO roles. We specialize in succession planning and have built a wide-ranging network of high performing financial leaders for present and future needs.

Pender & Howe provides executive search services across Canada and the United States

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