Market Mapping

Market Mapping offers a comprehensive and all-encompassing view of the talent landscape within a specific industry, talent group, or niche skill set. By leveraging this extensive data, hiring teams and company leaders gain a superior understanding of industry trends, allowing them to make informed evaluations and gain valuable insights into their competitors. 

Our meticulous market mapping process initiates with an initial discovery meeting, where we ascertain the precise details and requirements for the data we will present. Within a timeframe of 14 business days following the discovery phase, Pender & Howe will deliver a thorough Market Mapping report for review. During this review, we will engage in discussions about targeted candidates and pertinent market intelligence, providing the client with an opportunity to modify qualification scopes or make any necessary adjustments before the final Market Mapping report is presented. 

Market Mapping serves as an invaluable tool for constructing comprehensive talent pipelines for future searches. By identifying niche talent pools and key professionals within them, organizations can proactively plan for future hiring needs. Additionally, Market Mapping facilitates the creation of comparison benchmarks for internal candidates, enabling organizations to assess core competencies and compensation structures vis-à-vis their competitors. Equipped with this powerful data, leadership can significantly expedite the traditional hiring cycle and enhance the organization’s succession planning capabilities. 

Pender & Howe provides market mapping services across Canada and the United States

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